Risk Management

Risk Management

Project risk management is key to successful project management. On more major schemes, and in larger businesses, it becomes a standalone required function. Project risk management (differing from financial based risk management) identifies and logs all possible threats to a project or programme. Risk managers review this information and utilise qualitative or quantitative risk modelling and analysis to understand the potential impacts to a scheme and how to mitigate the risk. As with any critical position, the need to effectively communicate and interface across the project, with all stakeholders, is key.

Infraspec has a proven background in supplying risk managers and analysts to major projects and programmes across the rail, civil engineering and power sectors.

We only supply high quality candidates that have been interviewed, fully reference checked and have a proven track record that will support your company objectives in the following areas:

  • Implement risk management processes and develop an appropriate risk mitigation strategy for your project
  • Conduct cost and schedule risk assessment across your scheme
  • Produce quantitative risk models using risk management software, typically @Risk or Pertmaster
  • Establish a robust risk register for your project

Roles we supply

  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk Modeler
  • Risk Manager
  • Directors/ Heads of Department

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